Wine and beef jerky pairings

When it comes to coupling adult beverages and beef jerky, beer probably comes to mind first. Back in January we explored some tasty combinations, like Sweet and Spicy with an IPA and Teriyaki with golden ale. And while there’s no denying we love cracking open a cold one on a hot summer’s day, jerky has a less likely but equally delicious companion: wine. The two make a perfect pair for unwinding after a stressful day, and the right selection of each can really bring out some tantalizing flavors.

Some like it hot, and if you’re one of ‘em, look no further than T.O.P. Chops Red Chili Pepper jerky. Teeming with spicy red chili peppers, expect heat in every bite. We normally recommend keeping a glass of water nearby, but a glass of chilled rosé is an even better choice. The spiciness of the jerky makes the fruit-forward flavors in the wine really pop and rosé’s low level of tannins suit it to fiery food.

Our Teriyaki jerky is bursting with flavor remnant of soy sauce, and slightly sweetened with pineapple and a hint of brown sugar. This favorite among beef jerky lovers pairs well with a Malbec, as the sweetness of the jerky complements the richness of the wine. The Malbec’s tannins will be softened by the teriyaki marinade, bringing out ripe notes of juicy plum, blackberry, and black cherry.

Simple? Yes. Boring? Never. Our Original beef jerky is seasoned with just a hint of black pepper to enhance the beef’s natural, delectable taste. That’s why Merlot is its perfect match. Red wine and red meat have a long history together due to their shared heartiness. Medium-bodied and versatile Merlot plays nicely with Original beef jerky without overpowering its flavor.

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