What to Pack for Hunting Season

Now that the weather has begun to cool, it's time for hunting season to begin in earnest. Whether you're out for deer, turkey, or you managed to get a license to take down a bull elk, there's several essentials to take along.

Map, Compass, GPS

Some hunters prefer to stay in one place and let animals come to them, but for many game species it's necessary to trek deep into the woods and find quarry yourself. Packing the right maps and the right navigation equipment is the most important thing to do so that you won't find yourself unsure of which way to go. Many public hunting lands provide maps, but for those that do not, make sure you have topographical images so you can tell how far to go in each direction.

Good Snacks

Hunting on an empty stomach is bad for everyone involved: you have a greater risk of getting lost, of misfiring your weapon, and of lacking the patience necessary to get a clean shot. Keep a day's worth of food with you whenever you hunt, including enough protein so that your stomach doesn't rumble at the moment that a deer comes into earshot. T.O.P. Chops Jerky is packed full of protein and flavor, without any artificial preservatives, MSG, or nitrites, making it the perfect snack to bring along on a day of hunting.

Extra Socks, Garters, and Boots

Your footwear will do a lot for you if you keep it dry and in good condition. Even so, stepping into a big puddle of mud out in the bush can derail a hunting trip very quickly. Keep your feet dry and clean with extra socks and keep a set of garters on your pant legs to prevent moisture from accumulating in your boots.


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