What Other Jerky Makers Don't Want You To Know

Let’s face it - jerky has had a bad rap as an unhealthy snack. Beef jerky, often laden with high amounts of sodium, sugar, nitrates, and other additives, along with a tough, leathery texture, did not make the grade as a healthy snack in the past. What other jerky makers don't want you to know? It doesn't have to be that way.
Healthline points out that traditional processed meat has the potential to contribute to cancer or heart disease. High levels of additives leads to a higher risk of developing these diseases. With T.O.P. Chops, you don't have to worry about unnatural chemicals and preservatives in your jerky - we only use simple ingredients you could find in your own pantry.
Another secret? Other companies use old dairy cattle from around the world as their beef. We only want the best snack stuck to our name, so we use choice American steer for a quality meat you can enjoy.
T.O.P. Chops products changed the jerky market, providing a healthier jerky you can enjoy, with simple, wholesome ingredients and no MSG or nitrites. We're not one to cut corners - we slow-marinate our jerky overnight, allowing the simple ingredients and wholesome flavors to transform our jerky into a quality snack. 
Discover the T.O.P. Chops difference today - try our teriyaki, red chili pepper, sweet and spicy, and original beef flavors!


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