The Best Foods to Top Off with T.O.P. Chops

We all know beef jerky as a delicious and savory snack, but have you ever tried using it as an ingredient in your breakfast, lunch or dinner? With our melt-in-your-mouth-tender jerky, it's easy to chop up some T.O.P. Chops and add it to your dish. Here are a few dishes you can spice up with jerky:

Ramen Noodles

The quintessential college kid meal, ramen is a cheap staple that can be found in the back of pantries across the globe. Make it a satisfying meal by adding your favorite flavor of T.O.P. Chops to the mix. Add our Red Chili Pepper flavor to spice things up, or stick with Original or Teriyaki for a deliciously savory meal. 

Grilled Cheese

Cheese and beef are a match made in heaven. Even cheap cheddar and bread can be turned into a feast with the addition of some tender beef jerky strips. The added protein will keep you feeling full for longer, while making your taste buds smile.

Eggs Benedict

While the classic eggs Benedict involves an English muffin topped with ham, a poached egg, and Hollandaise sauce, plenty of variations exist. Create your own "Chops Benedict" by switching out the ham for some Original T.O.P. Chops. You'll enjoy this hearty breakfast that'll keep you going all day.

Tomato Soup

Tomato soup is the ultimate cold weather favorite. Bundle up with some simple tomato soup and a handful of our Sweet & Spicy jerky thrown in for a little kick to warm you up.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to this tender snack. Free of artificial preservatives, gluten, or nitrites, T.O.P. Chops is the perfect topper to dozens of savory dishes. 


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