The Best Cuts for Tender Beef Jerky

When you're in need of a delicious snack, the last thing on your mind may be the origin of the snack itself.  Yet there are several ways to make beef jerky from beef cuts depending on the flavor and the desired texture.


The most common beef jerky cuts are round, taken from the rump of the cow, due to the sheer size of the muscle.  There's little fat here with the exception of a cap at the end, making this one of the most tasty sections of beef.


The flank steak, a section of meat taken from the stomach, is not as soft as the round.  Jerky from this cut will be tougher if it is sliced against the grain and softer if it is sliced with the grain, meaning that the butcher's cut will influence its taste.


Perhaps the most popular cut of beef is the sirloin tip, a section of meat from a cow's lower back.  The taste and texture of this meat make it very appealing in steaks, roast beef, ground beef, and jerky itself.

With these cuts in mind, choosing a jerky or making your own will be easier. T.O.P. Chops jerky uses only choice USDA cuts of beef, slowly marinaded in our special blend of all-natural flavors, making it the most tender jerky on the market. Try some today!


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