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  • Beer Pairings for Your Jerky

    Posted by Luke Sellers
    Few salty snacks are as satisfying as beef jerky - and with 9 grams of protein per tender serving, a handful of T.O.P. Chops jerky just can't be beat. While there are many delicious flavor combinations you can enjoy with your T.O.P. Chops jerky (we've even written about a few of them), there's only...
  • What Other Jerky Makers Don't Want You To Know

    Posted by Luke Sellers
    Let’s face it - jerky has had a bad rap as an unhealthy snack. Beef jerky, often laden with high amounts of sodium, sugar, nitrates, and other additives, along with a tough, leathery texture, did not make the grade as a healthy snack in the past. What other jerky makers...