Shake Up Your Protein Routine: Here’s How!

By Dawn Papandrea

Whether you’re weight training or just trying to increase your protein intake for health reasons, achieving your daily macros has meant relying on chalky protein powder and brick-like bars. (We’re not fooled—they don’t taste like milkshakes and chocolate bars!).

We're going to let you in on a little secret—you can add more protein to your daily diet without sacrificing taste or dedicating half your day to meal prep. Here are some suggestions for healthy and delicious protein-rich snacks and mini meals:

A powderless high-protein shake? Yes, please! Blend up a small container of nonfat Greek yogurt (15 grams of protein in six ounces), milk, and peanut butter with some ice for a big boost of protein you can drink through a straw. You can add in any other ingredients that you love—try a banana, berries, and/or a tablespoon of ground flax seed for even more protein!


DIY trail mix has lots of protein potential. Combining your favorite nuts, seeds, Chops Snacks Beef Jerky and roasted soybeans with whole oats and a bit of dried fruit is a perfect take along snack if you're craving some sweet-and-salty goodness. Keep a couple of snack bags in your car as a drive-through deterrent when you're carting around the kids.

Roasted chickpeas and edamame are a crunch-addicted snacker's delight. Just toss with olive oil, herbs, and spices, and roast in a 400 degree oven for 20-30 minutes for a savory, crunchy snack. One cup of chickpeas has 12 grams of protein, while a cup of edamame packs in 17 grams.

Antipasto protein plates. Swap the usual nitrate-loaded Italian cold cuts with Chops Snacks Beef Jerky for a healthier option—red chili pepper flavor would go great! Then add other delicious selections to your platter. Marinated fresh mozzarella bites, olives, and lupini beans (available in most Italian delis and supermarket, and packed with protein), are great choices.

Microwave up an omelet mug. Spray a mug with cooking spray, crack in two eggs (12 grams of protein), sprinkle in some chopped ham and shredded cheese (yes, more protein!), then add whichever veggies you like (i.e. peppers, spinach, mushrooms, etc.). Microwave for one minute and 30 seconds.

There you have it. Five tasty and healthy snack ideas to meet your macros and satisfy your appetite.

What’s your favorite go-to protein snack? Share it with us!


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