Keep Your Jerky Fresh with These Storage Tips

Most people are hooked from the first bite of soft, chewy Chops Snacks 100% premium beef jerky. Unlike many off-the-shelf jerky products found in brick-and-mortar stores and online snack shops, our slow-marinated beef jerky arrives vacuum sealed in a light-blocking wrap to ensure peak flavor and freshness for satisfying a late night craving or as a quick protein boost on the hiking trail.

Storing jerky in a plastic bag on the counter may be convenient, but it allows the quality to quickly degrade when not consumed immediately. To keep the last slice as flavorful and tender as the first, follow these easy storage tips.

Extend 100% Beef Jerky Shelf Life

  • Store unopened jerky in a dry, dark, cool storage area. A kitchen drawer or shelf in the pantry is a good option.

  • Transfer partially consumed, open bags to an airtight container and keep in the fridge. Be careful to remove as much air as possible, and plan to eat your savory treats within a week. After seven days, flavor and texture begin to decline.

  • For large amounts, if you ordered multiple flavors or several packages at one time to be sure you never run out of your favorite protein snack, place unopened packages in the freezer for up to one year. You may also transfer your jerky strips to smaller snack size freezer bags suitable for grab-and-go trail mix recipes.

These three simple storage tips help ensure your jerky is fresh, flavorful and safe for consumption from the first bite out of the bag until the last sumptuous morsel is gone.


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