Jerky Day 2020

National Jerky Day is a tradition that began in 2012. Jerky is more than just an enriched nutritional treat that is beyond delicious; it’s an American staple product that allowed the meat to be stored through difficult seasons. Being able to preserve meat and prevent spoiling was how people rationed their protein supplies for rough seasons. With our ever-changing World, Top Chops represents just that. A company that stands behind the community with perseverance for all the journeys life gives us. We are here to remind you to keep your head in the game. Life’s Tough, Stay Hungry, Chew Easy.

Jerky Day 2020 was a little unusual then the national holiday had been in the past.  With the current events going on in the world, we found giving back to the community was a little bit of a task.  We had planned on stopping by radio stations and dropping off boxes for the host only to discover the studios were shut down with several active employees under quarantine due to Covid-19.  This left us to scramble.  Jerky Day is more than just a day to draw attention to a food category; it was a day that TOP Chops deemed as an opportunity to reach out and support those in our hometown of Tampa, FL.

Nakia Kelley, our COO, decided to spontaneously take a golf cart down to the beach and give out jerky to the beachgoers.  Of course, the team was super excited to get out into the sun and make new friends.  We got into a few of the restaurants like Frenchy's Rockaway Grill after Manager Tara L. Mollick gave us the ok to hook up the employees with free bags of jerky.  We stopped by the Clearwater Beach Fire Station and helped out some first responders with treats.  It was an absolute blast and a concept that we plan to revisit time and time again.

The highlight of Jerky Day for TOP Chops was our big announcement we had been drumming up as the big day was approaching.  As you all know, it was the big reveal of our First Annual Stampede.

Dusty Jaquins, TOP Chops Founder, had a vision, a vision that would feed America. We are happy to officially announce that next year on National Jerky Day, we will host our First Annual Stampede. A multi-city race that will raise money to stamp out hunger. Our vision is to one day have a 10 million person race that will start simultaneously across the US. It is our mission to help aid in ending hunger across our nation.

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