How to Snack Smart for Weight Loss

It's difficult to find satisfying meals and snacks when you are restricting calories, or simply trying to be healthier. Junk food is cheap and easily attainable, and things like saturated fat, sugar, sodium, and oils are in more foods that you realize. It becomes obvious once you start paying attention to what you're eating that not all of your favorite snacks are smart choices. Here are a few versatile options for healthy, satisfying foods. 

Take a New Approach to the Side Salad

The days of the bland side salad are over. You can find recipes for flavorful, healthy side salads that range from spicy to sweet. For a more satisfying snack, mix together more filling vegetables than lettuce - chopped broccoli, bell peppers, and carrots for example - and mix them with a delicious, low-fat dressing. Skip the croutons and the cheese - you can always replace them with tortilla strips and sunflower seeds!

Get Creative with Your Snack Mix

Trail mix makes for a tasty and healthy snack on-the-go, but store bought mixes can have a lot of added sugar and unnecessary salt, additives, and preservatives. Mix together some of your favorite protein bites, such as nuts, dried fruit, and even beef jerky! T.O.P. Chops is a great source of protein, with no nitrites, preservatives, or other unsavory chemicals. Take it on its own for a healthy treat, or mix and match with your favorite flavors. 

Mark Your Progress

Weight loss is a long journey, but keeping track of your progress helps you realize your accomplishments. Put a check in your calendar on the days you've snacked smart to encourage yourself to keep at it. 


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