Beer Pairings for Your Jerky

Few salty snacks are as satisfying as beef jerky - and with 9 grams of protein per tender serving, a handful of T.O.P. Chops jerky just can't be beat. While there are many delicious flavor combinations you can enjoy with your T.O.P. Chops jerky (we've even written about a few of them), there's only one that fits a late night game, a night at the bar, or an afternoon relaxing on the porch - beer and jerky. 

It's hard to think of a better flavor combo in the world than an ice cold beer and a salty snack. That's why we have your top 4 T.O.P. Chops beer and jerky pairings!

1. Red Chili Pepper and Chile Beer

We're starting out this list HOT with our Red Chili Pepper jerky and a unique twist on beer - Chile beer. Chile beer is a spicy beer made with the addition of hot pepper juice, pepper oils, or actual peppers. The base beer is usually something on the lighter side, such as a pale ale or a light lager, but plenty of variations exist. This beer can range in heat from a small kick of fire to scorching hot. We recommend keeping the heat a little lower, since our Red Chili jerky packs enough of a punch on its own! If you're a fan of flavorful spice, this combination is for you. 

Alternative: While many agree that heat begets heat, some may want to find a palate cleanser to cool you off. If that is the case, we recommend a milk stout to pair with your hot beef jerky. Milk stouts are thick and creamy, and will do the trick to soothe your burning mouth (even though it burns so good)!

2. Sweet & Spicy and IPAs

Our Sweet and Spicy jerky masters the perfect balance of sweet pineapple and lemon juice flavors, then packs a punch with spicy red chili pepper. With a diverse flavor combo like this, it's best to pair this snack with the bitter, refreshing flavors of an India Pale Ale. The bright, crisp hops found in IPAs will contrast nicely with the warm and rich flavor of jerky. We recommend a traditional IPA, but a fruity flavor IPA would also work if you want to tone down the spiciness of the jerky. 

3. Original and Brown Ale

Brown ales are hearty and rich in flavor, but not too overpowering for our Original flavor of T.O.P. Chops. Our premium beef jerky has slight overtones of black pepper and brown sugar, which pair nicely with this classic brew. 

4. Teriyaki and Golden Ale

With the sweet and tangy flavors of our Teriyaki jerky, you don't want to go too big on the beer. That's why we've paired it with a nice light golden ale, which highlights the flavors of our jerky. You can even try a citrus-flavored variation of your favorite golden ale - the fruit flavors of the beer will harmonize nicely with the lightly sweet flavor of the jerky. 


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