3 Things You Don't want to Forget on the Trail

Now that summer has ended and the cool weather of fall is approaching, there's no better time to get out on a beautiful autumn trek.  Be certain not to leave the most important things in the car.

Water Purification

It goes without saying that water is important on a hike, but few trails will give people access to fresh water.  Bringing purification tablets or a filter pump will allow you to re-fill from a stream or lake whenever everyone's water bottles run low.  Remember that drinking unfiltered water runs the risk of a number of diseases.

First Aid Kits

You never want to get hurt while you're out and about, but accidents happen every day. Hiking carries a few risks, from insect bites to sprained ankles, and going out into the bush without a first aid kit can make a bad situation much worse. At the bare minimum, you'll want to carry along bandages, anti-inflammatory cream, allergy medicine, moleskin, and scissors. These will help you to treat minor injuries before they can become worse as you return to get care.


Being hungry is never a good thing, but being hungry on a trail far away from the nearest grocery store is even worse.  Few things can dampen moods like an empty stomach, especially if you're going along with young kids who can quickly go from energetic to gassed. Bring along a high-protein snack, like T.O.P. Chops Original Jerky, to keep the stomach full and the legs pumping, or else you'll spend the entire trip thinking about nothing but the next meal. Bringing along a tender jerky like T.O.P. Chops means that your energy can go into the hike, and not into trying to chew a tough piece of jerky. 


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