Life's Tough. Chew Easy.
Premium beef jerky that is hand-crafted & slowly-marinated overnight to perfection. Discover how jerky should taste.

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High in protein and low in fat, T.O.P. Chops Beef Jerky is naturally sweetened for a tender chew with delicious flavor. Made from 100% all-natural ingredients, our jerky provides a clean, quality protein that energizes athletes and snackers alike

You wouldn't put chili-lime on a steak.

We mix traditional flavors with our beef jerky, because nothing tastes better than high-quality beef. We don’t coat our product with overwhelming flavors. Instead we let our product speak for itself. You aren’t going to find any habanero, chili-lime, siracha flavorings on our products. Only natural flavors we can create to enhance your experience.

Simple? Yes. Boring? Never.

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